Kristian Jeffrey

Little Rocket / Street Advertising Services

I've been working with Sophie for over a year now and I’m delighted with her work. She has been working with me as a virtual assistant carrying out a wide range of projects utilising all kinds of skills not just admin ones. One of the main reasons I chose to use Sophie is she is UK based and she has impeccable presentation skills. I’d previously tried to work with a Philippines based VA and although she worked hard, the language barrier and time zone became an issue. I’d spend more time creating videos on how to do basic jobs than I did getting the job done. Sophie is the total opposite. I arranged to meet her face to face as I wanted to trust her and train her properly if we were going to work together long term. In the space of 2 hours I showed her all the daily and weekly tasks I required for my online business and Sophie just picked up the ball and ran with it. In addition to her fabulous attention to detail and work ethic (she would always ask for more work if she had delivered everything I tasked her with)I really love her initiative! This is where the right person can add so much value to your business beyond just freeing up your time. Sophie came up with a promotional offer for my customers, presented the idea to me then implemented it perfectly! The result was a huge uplift in sales for the Xmas month directly attributed to her promotion. I’ve used Sophie for all areas of my business and if she can’t do something she will tell you then learn how to do it herself before coming back to you. Projects have included: Shopify admin and management, order fulfilment, graphic design, data processing, email marketing, fb and google ad management, All areas of Amazon FBA, Inbox management and so so much more! Sophie is a pleasure to work with and has taken up almost none of my time in managing her. She is an asset to any business and I’m delighted to recommend her services

B Hanratty

Sophie assisted with me across a variety of areas, from market research to sourcing design professionals to coordinating administrative matters. She was smart, professional and a pleasure to deal with throughout. 


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