Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

By hiring a virtual assistant you have years of experience at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Flexible support - casual, holiday, regular hours  - we can fit around you.

Increased productivity - our time is fully focused on your needs - it has been recorded that an 8 hour employee is usually only productive for 2hours 53 minutes per day - however we are fully engaged in our hours of employment. (source

No holiday or sick pay costs, we only charge for the hours worked.

No office overheads, we are responsible for expenses to provide our services so you save on rental space, internet & equipment.

No long term contract, if you no longer need our services simply let us know & we will complete the brief notice period ensuring everything is ready to pass back to you.

And why Virtual Miss Jones?


We feel we are different, we like to offer a friendly personal service & be part of your team.

Our ethics are to work hard, be honest & reliable, thinking outside the box to make your life easier.

There is no middle man or agency fees, making us an affordable solution.

Passionate about mental health not only for our team but also our clients. 

And as we have expanded our team we have great friendships, positivity & creativity!